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Papatya Velvet

Cake 300-03




8 x 150gr

skıll level


Waffle Cardigan Pattern 1.jpg
Waffle Cardigan Pattern 3.jpg
Waffle Cardigan Pattern 2.jpg

110 pcs stitches are drawn and double crochet are make on the chain.
In the second row, the double crochet is knitted.
In the 3rd row, the waffle knit is startted.

2 pcs double crochets is continued on the edges.
When the length of the knit is 35 cm, the front and back parts are separated and the waffle knit is continued.

The back part is knitted 21 cm more knit and finished.
The colar of the front parts are made as in the picture and finished.
The front parts are joined together by knit into the back part.

After the shoulder combination is made, it takes stitch for the arms and is knitted turning (seamless). 
When the desired length is obtained, the cardigan is finished.

Waffle Cardigan Pattern 4.jpg
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