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Papatya Batik





6 x 100gr

skıll level


Batik Cardigan and Hat Pattern 3.jpg
Batik Cardigan and Hat Pattern 4.jpg
Batik Cardigan and Hat Pattern 1.jpg
Batik Cardigan and Hat Pattern 2.jpg

160 pcs stitches are started.

Row 1 and Row 2:  First two rows is knitted in the form of straight stitch one  and one purl stitch.

Row 3: Straight knitted stitches are inverted, purl knitted stitches are knitted straight.

Row 4: Straight stitches are knitted straight, purl stitches are knitted purl.

The first and fourth rows are continued until the knit is completed.

When the knitting is 42 cm, 28 pcs stitches are knitted and 46 pcs stitches are cut and row finished.

On the turn, 46 stitches replace of cut stitches are maked  and the knitting is continued.

42 cm is knitted, the second arm 28 pcs stitches is knit and the 46 pcs stitches are cut.

46 pcs stitches are made on the turn.

42 cm more knit and cardigan is finished.

For the arms, from places of 46 pcs stitches cut  are made 84 pcs stitches.
In every 10 rows one is cut one stitch from both sides.
When 54 cm, the arms are finished.


112 pcs stitches is started.
12 rows rubber weave are knitted in the form of 2 pcs purl stitches, 2 pcs straight stitches.
After the rubber weave, pattern in the form of 1 purl stitch and 1 straight stitch are maked.
The model is continued as in the cardigan.
22 cm is knitted.
In the 4 stitches once 1, by one pcs stitch is cut and one pcs stitch is increase hole is made.
5 cm more knitted and the hat is finished.
Hat is joined to the edges.
From the remaining yarn is made of auger and passed through holes.
The hat shrinks and finishes.


Batik Cardigan and Hat Pattern 5.jpg
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