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Papatya Batik



4,5 mm


5 x 100gr

skıll level


Asymmetric Pullover Pattern 1.jpg
Asymmetric Pullover Pattern 2.jpg
Asymmetric Pullover Pattern 4.jpg

Front and Back
Start with 100 pcs stitches.
Rubber weave is maked 16 rows in the form of 1 purl stitch, 1 straight stitch.
When the rubber weave is finished, 40 pcs stitches are added to the right side of the knit and the pattern is started so that 9 pcs purl stitches, 1 pcs straight stitch.
The pattern is knitted 50 cm.

For the collar, cut 10 pcs stitches from the right edge at a time.
Then the 2-2-2-1-1 stitch is cut and the collar is completed.
17 cm more knitted and finished.
It is knitted in the back part and joined to the front part.

For the arms, 60 pcs stitches are started and rubber weave is maked 16 cm in the form of 1 purl stitch and 1 straight stitch

For the collar,  stitch is taken with 4 mm circular knitting needles. Rubber weave is maked 20 rows in the form of 1 purl stitch, 1 straight stitch. The stitches are then passed to a 4.5 mm needle and knitted until the desired width is achieved.

Asymmetric Pullover Pattern 3.jpg
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