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Welcome to Kamgarn Yün Akrilik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Kamgarn Yün Akrilik was founded by Ruhi Arasan in 1985, since then, has produced semi-worsted, hand knitting and fancy yarns in Uşak. For decades, putting the newest and exclusive yarns on the market, Kamgarn Yün Akrilik collaborated with world leading companies in various fields of textile. Further, its dynamic structure on research & development workouts prove the capability of serving the newest and unique yarns for upcoming trends.

Today, Kamgarn Yün Akrilik is well known by its two brands "Papatya" and "Cicibebe" in 25 countries. As a family business, we are delighted to get positive feedback from knitting and crochet lovers on various projects. The underlying reasons are using high quality premium acrylic, merino wool and nylon with desigining the most unique color combinations and patterns for any product we offer. Hence, knitting and crochet lovers can create stunning garments and accessories using Kamgarn's soft, warm and richly colored yarns.

About Company

Kamgarn Yün Akrilik started worsted yarn production in 1985 and has produced both semi-worsted and hand knitting yarns since 1991 in Uşak/Turkey. Experiencing yarn production and dyeing, Kamgarn Yün Akrilik offers high quality and unique designs for decades.

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Woolly & Warmy
is official online shop where knitting lovers can reach Papatya and Cicibebe yarns. Now, Paypal is available and worldwide free shipping!

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We just love knitwear with colorful motifs! If you feel the sameway, share your valuable knitting and crochet projects with us. We will display those gorgeous knittings and crochets on social media citing your name.


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